Name: Peter Bakaja
Profession: BASS player (bass guitar, double bass)
Residence: London, United Kingdom
Degrees: BA in Music and Jazz Bass Guitar Teacher 2004
BA in Music and Jazz Double Bass Teacher 2005
both at Liszt Ferenc University, Budapest, Hungary
Instruments: Yamaha ATT Plus 4 string, RÉ custom-made 6 string fretless,
KSP custom-made 5 string piccolo, German Double Bass cca. 1960
Tuition in the UK: private tuition (2011- ), dep teacher in All Talents Music School in Enfield, London (2011), The Planet Drum, London (2015- )
Tuition in Hungary: private tuition (1999-2011), Bartók Béla Secondary School Of Music in Miskolc (2005-2007), Egressy Béni Music School And Secondary School of Music in Budapest (2007-2011)

Bands in the UK:

As member/dep (in chronological order 2011- ): Sabatta, Gypsy Fever, Svetlana and the Band, D-Edge, Roberta De Francia, Contra, All In My Guitar, The Swing Notes, Gabor Dornyei Quartett with Mornington Lockett, Mannfred's Earth, The X-Scene, Jerry Tremaine And The Rising Suns, 7 Suns, The Kopi Katz, London City Jazz Quartett, All Over The Covers, Mee And The Band, Paprika, Maxyne Ryan Quintett, Linda DePaul, The Junction house band, Paul Canton Quartett, London Salsa All Stars, Rhythm Swing Quintett, Folding Stars, Ronnie Scott's house band, Gabriel Keen Trio, Nora King, Gerry Kennaly Quartett, Nick Cooper Trio, Alice In Grooveland, Tamas Teszary Quartett, Nick Rixen Trio, Faith I Branko, Skyhunters, Alex Corlett Trio, Feasty Blinders show, Circus Of Bones, Supercharger, Winnie and The Rockettes, The Doors Alive, The Joe Henderson Jazz Band, Bennu Dub Rock among others

Bands in Hungary:

As co-leader: Stream (1997-2004), Solid (2006-2011)
As member/dep (in chronological order 1997-2011): Tales Of Loreley, Boomerang, In-Team, Mizar, Dr. Jazz, Mainstream Jazz Quintett - Mirage, Perhaps, Soundtrack, Headline, Mitrio Jazz, Filip Gyuri Band, Rák Béla Combo, Canarro, Karmazsin, Rúzsa Magdi, Kowalsky meg a Vega, among others


The Trio Of Stridence (USA)

The Ben Cameron Project

Theatres in the UK:

Alfred Hitchcock Theatre - Leyton, Towngate Theatre - Basildon among others

Theatres, Big Bands, Symphonic Orchestras in Hungary:

Radnóti Miklós Theatre, Jászai Mari Theatre, Szigligeti Theatre, Thália Theatre, Új Theatre, Big Band of the Liszt Ferenc Music Academy, Budafok Big Band, Budafoki Dohnányi Orchestra, Symphonic Orchestra of Nagykanizsa among others

Thanks to my teachers

István "Füles" Kerékgyártó (R.I.P.) - bass guitar 1997-99, András Kőhegyi - double bass 1998-99, László "Zsatyi" Studniczky - bass guitar 1999-2000, Péter Lőkös - double bass 1999-2000, Péter Glaser - bass guitar 2000, István Enreiter - double bass 2000-2003, Béla Lattmann - bass guitar 2000-2004, Balázs Berkes - double bass 2001-2005


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